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San Bernardino Car Accident Attorney

Your Experienced Accident Attorney

Every year, car accidents cause more injuries and deaths than any other type of personal injury incident. If you or a family member have been injured in a car accident in California, LAW & PISH- Injury Trial Lawyers. Law are here to help. Our accident attorneys understand that it can be challenging to pursue justice while you are dealing with emotional distress, physical trauma, health complications, medical bills and lost wages at work. We want to help you seek justice.

The outcome of many car accident lawsuits depends on the elements of negligence. Negligence is the failure to use appropriate and/or ethical care expected to be used in certain circumstances. This failure can result in injury or harm to another person. In accordance with the law, a person must use reasonable care whenever he or she is driving a motor vehicle. This includes being aware of any pedestrians, obstacles in the road and other drivers. Failing to control the speed of the vehicle is also considered negligence.

If you are suffering from any devastating injuries, as well as other damages after a car accident, LAW & PISH- Injury Trial Lawyers will help you determine if any negligence was involved so the responsible party can be held liable for any of the damages.

Proving negligence can be complicated, but experienced injury attorneys can bring forward all requirements necessary to build your case. Depending on the case, the defendant may be unquestionably presumed negligent and will be required to prove otherwise if he or she wants to avoid paying damages. In some cases, even third parties can be involved in an accident, such as construction companies, car service companies, employers, etc.

A car accident settlement depends on many factors. After learning more details, your attorney can better determine what your case could be worth and help you pursue the highest possible settlement. Factors that can impact the value of your claim may include: The type of insurance policy each party holds, documentation of the scene of the accident to prove liability, current and future medical expenses, the attorney’s ability to negotiate a full and fair settlement, your ability to work or not work after the accident, property damage caused by the accident, and the impact of the accident on your current and future life.

There are a few types of damages that attorneys can help you obtain after a car accident:

  1. Property damage (getting your car fixed and getting you a car rental)
  2. Past medical bills (ambulance and hospital bill)
  3. Future medical bills (the total cost of your medical expenses related to the accident)
  4. Time off work (loss of earnings)
  5. Pain and suffering (the cash advance at the end of your case, dealing with what you have suffered)

LAW & PISH- Injury Trial Lawyers will help you get the best medical treatment with world-renowned doctors, therapists and specialists. Our attorneys will collect key evidence and medical records. Our history of success allows insurance companies to take your case seriously.

Car accidents that are typically caused by driver error occur due to negligence of the operator of the vehicle or failure to follow traffic laws. Common factors that can cause car accidents include drunk driving, speeding, dangerous road conditions, vehicle failure, distracted driving, failure to yield and poor weather conditions.

Steps of a Car Accident Lawsuit include:

  • The first phase of discovery are interrogatories, where we will send the opposing party a list of questions to gather information.
  • The second stage of gathering information are depositions, which involve oral interviews of the parties involved in the accident. Numerous individuals may be interviewed during a deposition, including involved drivers, passengers, witnesses, police officers and doctors who treated injuries. 
  • Third, the winning party will be awarded a settlement as compensation or damages of injuries sustained in the car accident. Settlements are a way to avoid the trial process. If a settlement is reached, it is the legal obligation of the accountable party to pay the amount due in a timely manner. 
  • If an agreement cannot be reached, the case must go to trial to determine fault and liability in the car accident. The jury must decide who is at fault and who is the winning party. 

Our experienced attorneys know how to handle complex motor vehicle accident cases and can help you seek the damages you deserve. If you or a loved one are a victim of a car accident, please contact LAW & PISH- Injury Trial Lawyers to speak with an experienced car accident attorney. Call (951) 683-8320 for a free consultation today.

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