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Commitment to us is making sure at the end of the day, the client is satisfied. We can’t tell you how many times we have heard a story where an injured party complains that they went to a lawyer who settled their case and when all was said and done, the lawyer got paid, the doctor got paid, the experts got paid and there was only a very little left over for the injured party. Many times it seems like the lawyers are only out for themselves.

One thing that we love about our jobs is that we don’t get paid unless you get you compensation. It is very satisfying that when we make money, we know that is only because we have taken care of our clients. Too many times we have seen situations where the lawyer stops working as soon as the case is settled. They don’t put client’s “bottom line” on top, as they should.

Too many times we have seen lawyers wasting their client’s money on useless or frivolous things during the lawsuit, only to take it out of the client’s money in the end. We once learned of a case where a seriously injured party’s lawyer settled the case for $1,000,000. The attorney took all of his costs, took his entire fee, paid the doctor and then gave the client what was left: $57,000.00.(By the way, we sued that lawyer on behalf of that client)

That would never happen at LAW & PISH, Injury Trial Lawyers. We will never settle a case that is better for the insurance company or the Doctor or the lawyer than it is for the client. You will NEVER be asked for your authority to settle your case unless you know precisely what you are going to put in the bank (the bottom line). We work like mad after the case is settled (and lots of times before) to negotiate doctor’s bills or insurance liens. That benefits the client’s “bottom line” and that is the ONLY thing we care about. Nothing else matters to us.

We also always make sure that our clients are protected. There are many things that have to be done during a lawsuit to protect the client from insurance companies and creditors and others who wait in the shadows until the clients get money and then pop up. We make sure that does not happen to our clients.

That is ourcommitment to our clients.


We got justice and I have peace now. My family will always be grateful for Ms. Law and that she answered our call.

Victoria Rojo

Patricia A. Law

Patricia A. Law has tried more than 100 Jury Trials and Binding Arbitrations

  • Over 30 Years of Trial Experience
  • Specializes in Catastrophic Injury Cases
  • Biggest Win: “$29.5 Million Wrongful Death Verdict”
  • #1 Trial Attorney in San Bernardino County
  • Specializes in Medical Malpractice Law