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When a lawyer consistently wins significant verdicts against Defendants, the entire legal community knows it. You get your “reputation”. Your reputation in this business is everything. I have to tell you though, that in addition to having an excellent reputation as a winning Trial lawyer, I also have a reputation among my opponents as being very easy to get along with. Some clients think that they need a lawyer who is a “barracuda”, who chews up and spits out the other side because “that’s the only way you win”.

That is absolutely incorrect. You will not ever find me acting in that manner. I am never disrespectful to my clients, I never waste their time or money. Along those same lines, I am never disrespectful to my opponent. If they ask a favor, I grant it. Some clients think that makes me “soft”. I think that makes me a great advocate for my clients. I forge professional friendships with my opposing attorneys. Why? Because the best way that I can protect and take care of my clients is to swiftly and fully resolve their case for its maximum value. You can’t do that if you’ve made enemies with the other side. That only serves to diminish my representation of my clients.

I would much rather be feared simply because I consistently win. I consistently win because I am fair and honest with all involved. I am 100% honest with you as my client. I will never “sugar coat” it in the beginning and then disappoint you in the end. Many clients will ask me when they first come to see me, “What is my case worth?” Lots of lawyers will tell clients a number that they think the client wants to hear. There is no way for me (or any other lawyer) to tell you at the outset what your case is worth. There are so many variables that have to be taken into consideration and so much information that develops over the course of a lawsuit that affects the value of your case. I would never do that, it is unfair and it creates false promises. I will never promise you something I can’t deliver.

What I do promise is that I will be completely honest with you about your case and its value and I will keep you fully informed about important developments in your case. When the time is right, I will give you my complete assessment of the value of your case and all of the bases for my opinions. You will be able to make fully informed decisions about what is best for you and your family.

Have there been losses? Sure. But I will say, that I have never had a client who felt that I had not represented them very well, even when there was a loss. Juries are sometimes unpredictable. But even on those occasions when I lose a Jury trial, the jurors will consistently tell me that they thought I did a great job in representing my client.

I invite you to come to my office and meet me and my staff. I know that when you come to meet us, you’ll feel at home and you’ll feel a sense of relief that you are being taken care of by very competent and accomplished legal counsel and administrative staff.

We got justice and I have peace now. My family will always be grateful for Ms. Law and that she answered our call.

Victoria Rojo

Patricia A. Law

Patricia A. Law has tried more than 90 JURY TRIALS and binding arbitrations.

  • She has over 30 years of trial experience.
  • She specializes in catastrophic injury cases.
  • She is one of the best trial attorneys in California.
  • #1 Trial Attorney in San Bernardino County
  • Specializes in Medical Malpractice Law.