Hello Trish,
I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Your hard work and dedication to Dallas has changed her life. Not just the money, your time and attention to what see faced has shown her she has value. You "saw" her. You speak a language that is not spoken by all. It is the language of those who are where they belong in life. Self awareness is a gift that is received by all those around someone who possesses it. Surround yourself with people who reflect you and you will be rewarded in ways that are not measurable. I saw great misgivings about myself in this process. You where a kind teacher. We are changed. And we are grateful. You are indeed our attorney and you indeed wear a white hat.

Tracy Smith.

If you are considering Legal action, I highly recommend the Law Offices of Patricia A. Law. Counsellor Law reviewed our situation, explained what had happened, and why we had legal grounds to file a case. Attorney Law then described the Legal process to us, what to expect, and an approximate timeline of actions. Her staff provided considerable guidance to my wife and I. We were very pleased with frequent updates and the coordination of actions required of us. Phone calls and email messages were responded to in a timely matter. Counsellor Law accompanied us to every meeting with opposing counsel. At the conclusion of our case, the business side was clearly explained to us and put into writing for our review and approval. Counsellor Law and her staff managed our case from the start, to a successful conclusion. Because of the tireless efforts of Attorney Patricia A. Law and her staff, my wife and I now have a bright future ahead of us, and closure to a very troubling and challenging chapter in our lives. In closing, I believe you will find Attorney Patricia A. Law to be highly knowledgeable in the field of Law, as well as a compassionate person with great empathy toward her clients.

Garrettson and Kimberley Stitt.

In closing, we recently had Kim's car outfitted with pedals and levers for driving on her own. Last Tuesday, Kim passed her driving test and is now driving on her own. One more big step to recovery.

Many, many thanks to all.

After I had my leg amputated because of blood clots, most of my family and friends told me that I should file a law suit that what happened to me was not fair and someone should pay. My brothers said if for no other reason I should so this didn't happen to someone else. I talked to numerous lawyers that all said they felt I had a case but that it was not one that they wanted to take. Finally I spoke to a friend of mine who is a retired judge from Orange County and he recommended a lawyer who gave me Ms Law's number, I sent her my medical reports I put a post-it note saying there was a day missing from the report and I was trying to get it. Marisa, Ms Law's assistant, called and said they needed that day and I told her that I had been trying to get it, they got involved and from then on she was involved. They never had the day and she knew that they were hiding something and that made her curious to see what else they were hiding.

Ms Law worked very hard on my case and knew that we had good case. She is a tiger and she fights hard because if she takes your case she feels your have been wronged. She doesn't back down when the other side comes at you, she is right back at them. I know if I was a defense lawyer I would not want to come up against her! The settlement that she got for me and my husband has changed our lives and has made me feel more secure that I will have money now to live my life out and not worry that I won't have money for my medical needs. As Ms. Law had said it was a life changing deal. I thank Patricia Law for seeing in our case what other lawyers did not and also her team for working to help Ms. Law win our case. I would and have recommended her to friends and family, because i feel she works for and with you.

Patricia & Dave Peterson.

*This testimonials or endorsement does not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your legal matter.


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