My message to you

I develop deep and lasting relationships with my clients. I get know them. I get to know their families. My staff gets to know you intimately. If you need me in the evening or on the weekend, you will be able to reach me. I feel very privileged to help my clients in the darkest hours of their lives.

I take great care of my clients. I am their champion. Not just their champion for the justice they are seeking, but their champion to help them get through this terrible chapter in their lives and on to better times.

For most of my clients, that can not happen until they get the compensation that allows them the freedom to get all of the assistance and medical care that they need.

I am not an ambulance chaser. I am very careful about the clients that I accept. I don't accept clients that were in a little fender bender and now have thousands of dollar in chiropractic bills. If I accept your case, it is because I truly believe that you are seriously injured and that it was not your fault. I truly believe that someone has injured you by their negligence.

The simple fact of the matter is that the most important thing you can do to protect yourself in any lawsuit is to make sure of the quality of the lawyer you're going to hire.

The lawyer must be experienced. The lawyer must be well financed. The lawyer must have an outstanding reputation in the community. The lawyer must be feared. Not feared in the sense that they are disliked, but feared in the sense that the other side knows the quality of the work and the amount of effort that your lawyer is going to put into your case.

We are a small law firm. We are a small law firm in size, but a big law firm in reputation. Let us be at your side every step of the way




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